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A unique story

Dreams about whisky

For several years, Jens-Erik Jørgensen was dreaming about creating a Danish whisky which was unique in both flavor and quality – a Danish whisky that both in the big picture as well as the smallest details was going to stand out. Jens-Erik, who grew up on the small island of Funen, found inspiration in the memories of the smoked cheese from Funen that his mother used to smoke over fresh nettles. So one day, with these memories in mind, he was walking in the forest and picked up some fresh nettles, brought them home and did the first tests of smoking his whisky-malt. In 2009 he could fill his very first barrel of single malt whisky – a truly unique first barrel. In his first sips of the spirit, he could taste the smoke from the nettles. The flavor was peated, oily and full-bodiedr. That first sip made the beginning of Fary Lochan. The first barrel was filled in the basement on December 31st 2009.


The Family

Today, we are three siblings and our mother running the distillery, and through the past years we have added more than whisky to our production. We stick to Jens-Erik’s visions and ideas of the unique flavor and fine quality in our whisky. To us, the distillery is a place that ties our family together, a place where we meet and enjoy our traditions while we are taking care of business around Fary Lochan. It is where we talk about new ideas and good old memories. Where create and innovate. Where we sometimes fail but always learn (and laugh). We want to grow – not only in size, but more importantly in expertise! That is why Fary Lochan today offer more than just whisky, but also gin made on local botanicals as well as aquavits and liqueurs.


Our unique whisky

Nettles and traditions

In 2009 Jens-Erik started what today has become a family tradition. When summer comes, and the fresh nettles are at their highest, we go into the forest to pick the beautiful nettles in the early mornings. We put on gloves and big smiles while we wait for the morning mist to clear away. With smiles and daily-day talks we walk among the trees in the forest and pick the green nettles. The tradition always creates unique moments which are meaningful – not just to us – but also to the exceptional flavor you will find in our whisky. As the only ones in the world, we use the fresh nettles to smoke our malt. This is also the reason why you always get unique whisky at Fary Lochan.


At Fary Lochan you will find whisky that starts conversations around the table and takes you back to the walks in the Danish forests. You will find whisky that warms you in the cold winter, and you will find whisky with fresh and sweet notes which are just perfect for your nights among friends on the terrace.

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New directions and new products

Fary Lochan continues to grow, and we constantly work on new initiatives, ideas, and flavors for our products. Today, our portfolio is  not only whiskies, but also gins, aquavits and liqueurs. We are especially recognized for our great gin which we produce from our own recipe – in our assortment you will for example find a gin with citrus and cucumber that you can enjoy neat, or as a classic Gin & Tonic.

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In our selection of aquavits, you will find editions produced with reference to special seasons and occasions. Our aquavits all come in elegant bottles that are decorative on the table and fits right into your Christmas- and Easter Lunch. Nature lives in our aquavits through local spices and herbs which we mix in our very own recipes to create unique flavors. You can also give your cocktails a new and Nordic flavor – try for example a “Nordic Mojito” with parsley, mint and lime mixed with sugar, sparkling water and our aquavit. We also recommend a mix of our Myrica gale aquavit and raspberry as a splendid summer drink.

Our strawberry liqueur is made from fresh, local strawberries, and has a sweet and fresh flavor that makes it suitable for most desserts. For this reason, it also won the prize for Local Product of the Year in 2016. We also recommend using the strawberry liqueur in your cocktails where it will contribute with a fresh and summerly flavor as well as an elegant red color.

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Our unique distillery

Scotch pot-stills and underground corridors

At Fary Lochan we are proud of our small distillery which offers experiences beyond the usual. Under our distillery we have the basements where the beautiful oak barrels mature some of Denmark’s most unique quality-whisky. In the buildings above the basements custom-made pot-stills distill our unique whisky which we produce in limited amounts all year. From the pot-still the spirit flows on in the pipes which run from house to house and connects our entire distillery. In the nature outside our distillery, we have placed the small smoke oven in which Jens-Erik smoked the first malt, and which we continue to use in our production to this day.

We welcome everyone at Fary Lochan. We offer guided tours that takes you through the distillery and production, and we always finish our tours with a tasting of different, selected products in our bottle shop.

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The forest is the core of Fary Lochan – it all started here in the forest of Farre where we continue the tradition with the forest and its fresh nettles.

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