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FARY LOCHAN DISTILLERY was founded on December 18, 2009, by Jens-Erik Jørgensen and it is owned by FARY LOCHAN DISTILLERY A/S. FARY LOCHAN is situated in the small village of Farre, which offers fresh air, a pure underground and friendly people. Our vision is to create a unique whisky produced in the unique Fary Lochan way. All the production guidelines defined by Jens-Erik Jørgensen are followed from beginning to end. We do not compromise and we want the whisky to be recognized and sought-after for its high quality.

FARY LOCHAN DISTILLERY is the smallest distillery in Denmark and probably the smallest in the World. The distillery was built in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature at the most beautiful spot in the forest next to a small burn and a lake. It is situated in the heart of Jutland in the small village of Farre where the most favorable conditions for the whisky and its development were available.

There have been people in Farre for more than 2000 years. In the Year of 1475 the village was called Fary, which means

"The hill by the crossing of Omme Burn”. At this exact spot the FARY LOCHAN DISTILLERY is located. Strategically and historically in the perfect place.

The annual production of whisky is very limited which results in a very limited release of bottles per year. When it comes to taste and quality though, there are no limits. At any time we put quality over quantity!

FARY LOCHAN´s single malt whisky is produced in original Scottish pot stills. Before it is released the final whisky is tested and tasted by the taste panel at the distillery. This way we assure that only the very best whisky is released from the distillery.

When producing the whisky we use a small part of our own malt, however, the main part of the malt used is original whisky malt, which ensures the high quality of the product. The clean mineral filled water used in the production comes from the spring under Farre. At FARY LOCHAN DISTILLERY the entire production is made by hand. We believe this helps us maintain the high quality and unique product.

We look forward to welcoming you!