Whisky Winter Batch 1


Our Winter whisky Batch 1 from 2014 is for you who likes your whisky oily and peated. The peated flavor comes from our malt which is smoked over fresh nettles. In this whisky you will find notes of citrus and bourbon vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate and Danish nature.


The Winter whisky has a stronger character with an alcohol percentage of 54% vol.

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Variant: Winter, Batch 1

Age: 3,5 – 4 years (released November 28th, 2014)

Barrels: 3 bourbon quarter-casks

Alcohol: 54% vol.

Characteristics: Oily whisky with smoke from fresh nettles.

Notes: Luscious citrus, bourbon vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate and Danish nature

Peat: 15 PPM (fresh nettles)

Contains: 50 cl.


Total number of bottles: 663 (all numbered)


5, 50

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