Visit Fary Lochan

Fary Lochan is one of the world’s smallest distilleries – but that does not at all make our distillery less interesting.
On a tour at Fary Lochan, we will take you through all the aspect of running a distillery.

The tour, which takes about 1 ½ hours, takes you through the different houses and rooms all located in the forest of Farre.
You will also go underground and see the many processes in the production of our whisky. We go through whisky distillation from start to finish and finish the tour in our show-room where you can taste a selection of our products.


Tour at Fary Lochan

We offer tours every day of the week, if we do not already have a confirmed event.

Write to to request your tour.
Note the desired date, time, number of persons, and menu selection in your booking (minimum 8 people per booking).

Or you can book your tour here:


Tastings at your own event

We are very proud of our distillery and products, and are happy to tell you our story, and offer you tastings. Therefore, you can order tastings for your event, and we will come to you. Our whisky distillery started with a single man’s dream which led to everything Fary Lochan is today – while still focusing on the smallest details and never lack on quality. This is the foundation of our whisky distillery today, and the visions for the future are still high. Our family traditions stand as a strong base for the high quality. This gives a unique approach to the whisky production, and the unique flavor you will find in our whisky. At the tastings, we will tell you our story and how we get the flavor and taste in our various selected products from our unique range.

Write to for more information.

Menu 1

2 x whisky (1 cl pr. tasting)
Approx. 1½ hour


Price: 20 Euro pr. person
(min. 8 persons pr. booking)

Menu 2

5 x whisky (1 cl pr. tasting)
Approx. 2 hour

The whisky tasting program may vary from time to time.

Price: 34 Euro pr. person
(min. 8 persons pr. booking)
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