Scottish traditions in new Nordic ways

Fary Lochan was established in 2009 as one of the smallest distilleries in the world.
Our whisky production is relatively limited, but the quality of our spirits has no limits! We do not settle for the ordinary and everything we do is made by hand with heart and soul.
Our Copper stills are specially designed for Fary Lochan in Scotland. Our spirit made in there stills has the exact Fary Lochan taste, character and quality which we strive for in every single batch.
The taste is unique to us and as the only whisky-producer in the world, we use fresh nettles picked in the surrounding forest, when we smoke and dry our malt.
We make 4 different whiskies called “The 4 Seasons” plus a number of very limited special-releases. The taste in all our whiskies is smooth and full of oily character. We care for the exclusive taste, feel and history in everything we do!

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